The NRPTT is an organization open to all: membership is annual and each individual can become a member, irrespective of nationality, gender, religious beliefs or political conviction. Membership is not exclusive, members are free to remain or become members of other political parties. This is why the 1989 Congress held in Budapest decided to exclude by Statute any direct participation of the organization as such to any political elections. By becoming a member, one subscribes to the principles of nonviolence, human rights, and democracy. The NRPTT is a democratic organization. At is Congresses, each member can participate directly, take the floor, propose resolutions, present their candidacy for the directing bodies, and vote.

The last Congress, held from September 1-3, 2016, in the Penitentiary Institute of Rebibbia in Rome (the first Congress of a political party to take place in prison) set the following objectives for the next two years:

  • 3000 new members in 2017 and 2018, to ensure the “life” of the organization and continue its mission. If this objective is not reached, the organization will automattically close. In case of achievement, the next NRPTT Congress will be convened within 6 months from reaching the objective;

  • campaign for the common transition towards the Rule of Law, as defined by the UN General Assembly, and the recognition of the human Right to Know;

  • the correct administration of justice and the prohibition of torture are fundamental tenets of the Rule of Law. The NRPTT is engaged in a decades-long struggle for the affirmation of these principles in Italy and the European Union. This focus is part of the larger campaign for the common transition of all countries and region towards the Rule of Law, with the full implementation of all internationally recognized human rights standards. As the UPR mechanism and other human rights mechanisms demonstrate, no country is immune from human rights violations, and thus no country or region can “teach” others, without fully implementing all standards themselves. The struggle for the correct administration of justice and the prohibition of torture is the perfect example of this reality;

  • United States of Europe: the NRPTT is a staunch defender of federalism, in Europe and other regions in the world. The current weak state of the European Union has far-reaching effects, both in Europe and outside the region. We hold the current state of the Union to be unaccountable, non-transparent, and thus non-democratic. Decisions are made on an inter-governative basis, rather then by directly elected and transparent institutions, leading to an increase in populism, racism, and political unstability. Furthermore, the current European Union is not able or unwilling to enforce the basic principles it was built on: Rule of Law, human rights, and democracy. The NRPTT’s proposal for a true democratic federalist Union aims at countering these effects.

  • The 2016 Congress elected the following leadership for the years 2016-2018:

Coordinators: Maurizio Turco, Rita Bernardini, Sergio D’Elia, Antonella Casu

Presidency: Matteo Angioli, Angiolo Bandinelli, Marco Beltrandi, Maurizio Bolognetti, Antonio Cerrone, Deborah Cianfanelli, Maria Antonietta Farina Coscioni, Mariano Giustino, Giuseppe Rossodivita, Irene Testa, Valter Vecellio

Current members (2017) of the Nonviolent Radical Party Transnational and Transparty include: André Gattolin, Senator, France; Sid Ahmed Ghozali, Former Prime Minister of Algeria;Sam Rainsy, Leader in exile of the Parliamentary Opposition of Cambodia; Najima Thay Thay Rhozali, Former Secretary of State for Literacy and non-formal Education of Morocco; Vo Van Ai, President Que Me Action for Democracy in Vietnam, Vietnam; Rama Yade, former Minister of Human Rights, France; Struan Stevenson, former Member of the European Parliament, Scotland; Dolkun Isa, Vice-President UNPO and Leader of the World Uyghur Congress; Abdirahman Mahdi, Vice-President UNPO and Chairperson Ogaden People’s Rights Organization; Jose Dos Santos Coimbra, Vice-Minister of Interior, Mozambique; Vanida Thesphsouvanh, President Lao Movement for Human Rights, Laos; numerous Members of the Italian Senate and Chamber of Representatives.

The NRPTT currently (July 2017) has members in: Belgium, Cambodia, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Laos, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Mozambique, Somalia, Spain, The Netherlands, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America, Vietnam

The NRPTT is entirely self-funded and does not receive any State support. The annual membership rate varies from country to country, as it is calculated on the basis of 1{be639e75b6647fcdd94f0016eabbfb89e0239a9301f923a7bd7105792ffd323f} of Gross Annual Income pro capita. In countries that prohibit subscription to the NRPTT, membership subscription is free. Country rates are indicated in the membership subscription form on the organization’s website. Membership in all European Union countries and North America are set at € 200. Membership fee for individuals with refugee status are set at the rate of the country of origin. Membership fee per country can be consulted at the following link: